Our name “JADONG” is a transliteration of the Chinese characters, 嘉 (JA, meaning fine, good and praise) and 东(DONG, meaning east).


东refers to the east, where the sun rises. China is in the east and we are a Chinese firm. 嘉refers to first-rate and exquisite quality. It is the aim of our firm to provide the finest specialized Chinese IP services to each and every one of our clients.


嘉东were written in Chinese calligraphy, written by the very famous calligrapher, Xizhi WANG (A.D. 303-361 Jin Dynasty). His calligraphies were collected by many emperors.


Our logo is composed of two flags and a wave. The two flags represent our two principles, Integrity and Excellence. Blue color stands for blue sky. Green color stands for green land. Wave stands for blue sea. The logo is a sailing boat, braving the wind and waves toward the brilliant shore.