Our Patent Team is headed by our partner, Mr. Dong WANG, who has been practicing in IP field for 17 years with extensive experience in patent. Prior to becoming a patent attorney he worked as an engineer for 6 years. He has working experience with Hylands.


Patent services:


Patent application

Patentability search and analysis before filing

Drafting patent applications 

Patent application prosecution (domestic and abroad) 

Appeal to Patent Re-examination Board

Initiating re-examination procedures

Amending applications to overcome objections 

Patent Administrative Appeal

Initiating administrative appeals

Providing oral opinions

Patent litigation

Patent administrative litigation

Patent infringement litigation

Petitions for cessation of infringement 

Licensing, Hypothecation, Assignment of Patent

Drafting and reviewing of contracts

Recordal of contracts 

Customs Protection for Patent

Customs recordal of patent with General Customs Administration

Request Customs to take action on infringing goods 

Patent related affairs

Patent planning for enterprises

Patent training

Legal opinions related to infringement 

Patent Maintenance

Paying patent renewal fees

Changing bibliographic data of patents 

Request for Patent Invalidation

Initiating invalidation procedures

Amending application documents

Attending oral examinations

Integrated Circuits

Applying for registration 

Requesting re-examination 

Requesting administration reconsideration 

Administration litigation 

Infringement litigation 


Our Patent Team is under construction.


Patent Team